Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, December 08, 2003

I went to Winston-Salem this weekend and saw the RJ Reynolds factory! It was hideous!

What a kind of depressing town. There is a downtown that could be kind of nice, but then there is this giant Dr. Seuss looking factory in the middle of looks exactly like the machine that the Oncler built to make Sneeds in "The Lorax".

I went with Owen and we also hung out in Old Salem, which was super cool. It is this colony that was built in the 1700's by some German settlers. Everything (most everything) was really old and well preserved. It was neat.

I like being out here when I take trips and remind myself that I am somewhere new. I wish I had more time to check things out. I still want to see Charlotte and I would love to go to Georgia and/or Florida. I will work on that.

I am now officially begging my principal to remove one of my students. She is completely out of control and throws the whole class out of whack. She was yelling that she hated me in the cafeteria today. This came after I had to send her to the principal earlier and she didn't go. She went home, instead. After all this, I still have to have her tomorrow in my class. I've had to kick her out the last three times she has come. Sheesh. ¶ 1:11 PM

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