Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friday, September 05, 2003

There are so many perks to teaching. Summers off, long weekends...hate mail.

Yeah, I am getting used to people telling me they hate me and other such things. I kind of even think that it is funny, at this point. My roomate was tired of her kids telling her awful things, so she put post-its on their desks and told them to just write down thier comments, instead.

Here is a sampling of what they wrote as she poured her heart out in teaching about freedom:

"I think we should have more fun activities and games to control our ourbursts."
"I don't like nobody with an attitude and I don't like yours at all."
"Todays music was even worse than before."
"If you would loosen up, it would be a lot more fun."
"I don't think it was fair to let Audrey go to the bathroom and not me and that really makes me dislike you alot."
"I don't know why this is even important and in all honesty this sux."

And my personal favorite:

"You are very irritating at times."

Ah, teaching. I love these little rats. ¶ 3:41 AM

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