Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

I actually taught a for real lesson today! I have been so lazy, lately, and just kind of floating along. But today I taught a lesson on symbolism and they did activities and everything. It was sort of annoying, because they kept talking, but it was better than what they have been doing-- which is throwing things, stealing things, screaming obsenities at me.

It helps that many of my kids, as always, were suspended. While I was away, one of my students broke into the student store and stole $200 dollars worth of school supplies. He probably would not have been caught, except that he promptly went into his next class and started handing out the goods to other kids. He also stole a bunch of my "tickets to excellence", which is how I reward kids for doing well. It ruined my system, but at least nothing else was stolen from my room.

I also got to be detention monitor, which was great. I got to send kids out for talking and not have to do any paperwork. The other teachers out there know what a blessing that is. No paperwork. Imagine.

I am also feeling a lot better. One of my kids told me what the proper color of my car is. According to Timara, my car is "Champagne", not gold. Makes sense. ¶ 1:09 PM

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