Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, September 25, 2003

They are bastards, aren't they? Is there no hope?

So today, the children revolted. Just plain-ass revolted. In my third period class, I had to sent three children to the office, separately. One for theft, one for signing "Donald Duck" to a contract I was making with her, and one for screaming in the hallway and leaving my room without permission. The last student, when sent out, refused to go. She stood in the middle of my classroom yelling, "This is WACK! YOU are WACK!" until I called in the middle school swat team to drag her little butt away.

The other children found this hilarious.

YOU try to hold a mock trial about the the book the Outsiders while that kind of stuff is occuring. Now, that is "wack".

But then I had my first official Teach for America observation and interview. My field representative said I was doing well and I seemed to have management all "tied up". Of course, she was observing the class that followed my theiving Donald Duck wack class, so she didn't see any of that. But it still felt good to hear something positive.

In the end, the timer is no match for a screaming, angry, under-resourced child. That is the moral of my story. ¶ 3:04 PM

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