Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Being a teacher is all about constantly reinventing yourself. And I sort of hate when people say things like "reinvent yourself". But it is so true. Every three or so weeks, I turn over a new leaf. I say to myself, "I'm too strict! That is what it is! Of course. What I have to do is loosen up...become the loving, 'I care about you' teacher." I do that and it works for about three weeks. Then, when the children walk all over me, I have the realization that I am too lenient! I have to be more strict!

I don't know what phase I am in now, but I had a great day with the kids. True, in my worst class, 75% of them are suspended (that is absolutely no exaggeration), but still. In my second period class, one kid who HATES me, said "Today was actually fun, Ms. Roberts. I mean it, too."

So now I am reflecting on what I did right today. And in the end, it is all stuff that TFA told me to do that I either forgot or have been too tired/lazy to do. Involve the kids, yada yada yada.

But in the end, today was great. If teaching was like this every day, I would be fine. ¶ 12:59 PM

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