Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday, May 28, 2004
Yesterday was Happy Birthday to my friend T-Dog. She is now 27. We celebrated by going to karaoke, as is our way.

It was a lot of fun-- good people, good songs. Karaoke is my way of feeling like a superstar...which is a feeling I think I have always craved. There is nothing like it.

I am mired down in the paperwork of closing up the year. I have decided to work Monday and Tuesday, so today I don't have to stress about anything too hard. Actually I just went out to lunch and drank a marguerita. If only I had been able to do that all year long...I would have been a different kind of teacher.

I had the pleasure of accidentally ending up at the cheerleader try-outs earlier today. The funniest sentence I heard uttered came from the cheerleading coach who came into the lobby and said, very seriously and with her hands on her hips, "LADIES! You may show spirit on the way into the gym and on the way out! But PLEASE stop showing spirit in the middle! It takes entirely too much time." I imagine that it does!

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