Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, August 04, 2003
Oh, it has been so long!

I haven't had internet access in a long time. This is why there have been no replies to your emails and no blogger. But I have about five minutes of access right now. I will try to be brief.

Those who have written, I will write you back individually very soon. I think I will have internet by next week.

Things have settled down quite a bit. My apartment is looking a little better. Domenica and I had a breakthrough yesterday where we realized we were waiting for something that never was coming. That was why we hadn't decorated or bought furniture. We think that we hadn't really committed to the fact that we lived in North Carolina. So we decided to do that and then we went out and she bought a bunch of furniture for our apartment.

Here is a list of some funny things I have heard recently"

New Teacher: "How do you deal with kids who have 'alternative lifestyles' in our school district?"
Administrator: "That doesn't happen here."
New Teacher: "But what if it comes up?"
Administrator: "It doesn't."
New Teacher: "But what if-"
Administrator: "Homosexuality is not an issue here. It doesn't come up. It just doesn't happen."

New Friend: "There are three kinds of people in Rocky Mount."
Me: "Really? What are they?"
New Friend: "There are black people. There are white people. And then there is everyone in between. Only the ones in between are worth knowing."

Things are going a little better. I am feeling okay. I am getting into the groove of planning my class and I am really excited. My year is going to revolve around "harmony" and there are going to be all kinds of class games and reward systems that revolve around whether or not the kids create harmony in the class and in the world. I am going to play up the California stereotype and play music everyday and burn incense. It is going to be great.

I am missing everyone. I will write to you soon.

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