Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday, June 21, 2003
Ways to have fun in Houston Texas:

See if you can outrun a cockroach the size of your shoe as it races you back to your dorm.
See how long it takes to deshine your face when the humidity is sending all of your internal liquids out your pores.
Play air hockey with new friends so hard that you wake up and can barely move your arm.
Try to teach someone how to play pool and suck so bad yourself that you never get a ball in.
Watch teenagers buck and groove to that game where you have to move your feet to bad music in some mysterious pattern.
Play "Fotofind" using naked ladies and try to figure out the difference in their nipples. (Tip: often they are missing one).

This, and so much more, was the focus of my first night off as a teacher here in Houston. What I can say for certain about Houston (no offense to any Texans out there), is that if I had to live here...well, I wouldn't, that's all. The weather here is worse than bad- it's wretched. The humidity sucks. It is hot at eight p.m. and it gets hotter by midnight. What's up with that?

I am making some friends here, which may take some pressure off my friends back home who have to contend with my whiny phone calls. I've met a couple of really cool people- and even some queers, right here in the great state of Texas! I thought that George Bush would have erradicated all of us by now. I even met someone I may be able to live with when I get to North Carolina, where I will ultimately land. She wants hardwood floors, music, and good (i.e. not chicken fried steak slathered in gravy) food! Lord bless Terri, my new friend! ¶ 5:35 PM

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