Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday, June 28, 2003
Here is one more reason that Houston, Texas is ass. I found out today that when a friend of mine was getting gas last night five minutes from here a guy pulled a gun on her, got in her car, made her drive to this other place and then took all her money.

Shitty, shitty, shitty. Houston is ass. Just thought I would let you know. Ugh. ¶ 12:39 PM
Even Teach for America teachers get a day off now and again. Today is mine. Last night I finally got to leave this godforsaken University of Houston campus and check out what Houston proper had to offer. The weather last night was not nearly as absolutely repulsive as it normally is, so I was feeling pretty good. Downtown is nice and big and I felt a lot more human than I have here.

We had margueritas and Mexican food...two things that totally soothe my soul. We were all so weird from two weeks of pure stress that we were all bombed by the first drink. Me, being the trooper that I am, had four more. I finally found out what it really means when people say "She has Texas hair". That shit is big and blond, yo. I was in the bathroom and I found that I was staring at this woman with my mouth open and realized that that was probably a really good way to get my queer California ass kicked Texas style. Her hair was huge and mesmerizing. She was tan and thin and her bellybutton ring was giant and sparkly as it peeked out from her white sleeveless half-shirt. Her jeans were acid washed and had fringe. (Marguerite- you would have loved her.)

It was like a scene out of a movie. Both grotesque and beautiful. But I closed my mouth and left the room and didn't get beat up. Good times. Then we went to a pub and hung out and then came back here.

Last night was funny in another way, too. I got to have one of those long "lesbian relationship talks" with someone I haven't even kissed. It was soooo lesbian of us. What was great was that both of us knew that we were doing it and we both saw the humor in it, but we both felt like we needed to do it. Ahh, I love women. Processing as a way of life isn't the worst thing that could ever happen.

So, yesterday the sodomy laws got over-turned because of a Texas case and today I am going to Houston pride! This is very exciting for me. I am hoping that Houston pride is big. It should be fun. My friend and I have a goal of making out with a cowgirl. I don't know why that would have to be hard to do. I don't even care about that, really. It is just so nice to have a whole day to not think about how to teach internal and external characteristics in a short story.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ¶ 8:35 AM

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