Monday, June 1, 2009

Thursday, July 10, 2003
Tomorrow is FRIDAY. I have possibly never loved Fridays so much in my life. Maybe during certain camp times. But the last day of school before the weekend is a brand new sensation. Fridays feel like on Monday you can be the phoenix rising up from the ash. Then Monday actually comes and it turns out not to be such a fresh start...but Friday feels like hope.

I leave this God forsaken city of Houston in a week from this Saturday. I will be arriving in North Carolina at 12:50pm on Saturday afternoon. I have no idea what happens from there...I think maybe someone will come pick me up. Then Terri will take me to a car lot and I will buy a car. My dreams of a Mini are drifting away. At least for now. I am going to have to buy a used car for a little while until I can figure out the whole financing thing. But the Mini and I are destined...and so it shall be.

Terri and I were talking tonight about how grateful we are. We haven't had to be too lonely here because we found such a cool group of people and each other. It is really nice. I am feeling pretty excited about North Carolina right now. But we had a meeting with all of the NC people and they talked about the culture of rural NC. They said a lot about how religious it is and how all of your kids see you everywhere that you go. I am a little freaked out about how I am a big queer living in a house in the boonies with another big queer. But one nice thing is that neither Terri or I look like big queers that much, so people will probably assume we are sisters. Yee-haw. I just hope I don't get fired or shunned in some way.

But I am ready to go. I am tired of Houston, for real. And I want to get started. I find out on Saturday what my position is officially and at which school. I have a pretty good idea, but some of the other people who have found out their placements have gotten surprises. My friend Megan was supposed to teach junior high english and now she is going to be teaching jr high math/science. How can they do that, you might ask? I don't know. They just do. So wish me luck in at least getting placed in English and not math.

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