Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday, March 19, 2004

Top Topics of Conversation in My School Today:

1. Weight Loss: especially the "South Beach Diet" and the "Atkins Diet"

2. The college basketball tournament going on right now

3. How the college tournament is affecting the above mentioned diets (i.e. the chips consumed, how many beers, etc.)

4. The recent news story about the North Carolina elementary student who checked out the book "King and King" only to find that it was about two princes who fall in love. Word on the streets here is that it is "disgusting" and "shocking" that such a book exists, much less can be checked out at a school!

I haven't heard the whole story abou the "King and King" book, though I did get an email about it yesterday. I will have to look into it. But gay issues are in the news so much right now. Am I alone in feeling like there is a revolution happening? It really seems incredible to me, whether or not gays are being spoken of positively or not, that this "issue" is so at hand.

I think that everything is about to change. Just like technology has sped up, I hope that social evolution has, too. ¶ 4:32 AM

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