Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, March 22, 2004

The First Sign of the Day that I have Become a Teacher:

1. It is 7:23am and I just cut out the phrase "THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT!" in construction paper bubble letters. As I put it up on my corkboard, I thought to myself, "Now that looks nice!" ¶ 4:24 AM

Here is a quote from one of the college essays my kids wrote last week:

"If I go to college it would be surprising to my parents, because that would make them proud because they didn't go to college that's why my mom be so hard on us about school because they want us to make something in our life they don't want us to be like them and I pray to God that I study hard and I succeed Mrs. Roberts will help me."

Ikea, age 13

A run-on sentence, yes, but what a sentence! ¶ 5:48 AM

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