Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, March 29, 2004

Alright, those that know me well understand that I am a bit...oh, attention span challenged, let's say. But let me tell you all about how I want to poke my own eyes out right now.

I just finished watching "About Schmidt" with 'ol Jack (whom I don't like and almost can't stand looking at, but I have Netflix, so I am watching almost anything that enters my field of vision). It started out okay and sad...I don't mind a little of that.

But COME ON! Is anyone with me on this? It was just sad and then depressing and then heart-breaking and then sad again. I finished the movie wanted to call everyone I know and force them to promise me that I wouldn't ever be old and alone. Could I get a little glimmer of hope? Sorry to anyone who hasn't seen the movie. But was little Ndago supposed to be the hope? Cause he got his eye fixed? No way does that bring the mood up from hours of depressing waste of a whole life.

And I do mean HOURS. How long was this thing? It wouldn't end! And I couldn't turn it off because I was so depressed and I thought there might be some hope at the end and I didn't want to not see it. But there wasn't!

Ugh. Enough of me. ¶ 4:11 PM

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