Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Well, today I got news about my transfer back to the Bay.

Of course, it couldn't just be easy. Apparently the new organizational policy says that if you transfer you basically start TFA all over again. I would sort of be considered an '04 corps member instead of '03 and I would have to start my two year commitment over again.

Now I have to decide if I am willing to teach for two more years. Hmmm... ¶ 2:46 PM
Last night I tried to have fun in Rocky Mount. It didn't really work.

I keep trying to figure out what makes this small city such a black-hole. It is like it just has really bad luck...or really lame people or something. I have lived in small towns before that weren't so devoid of anything fun to do. I lived in Bend Oregon and there were cool coffee shops there and little bars and hiking and things. Even Bakersfield California, where I grew up, sort of had okay things to do...well, at least you could drive around and look at stuff.

But Rocky Mount really doesn't have anything to do. There are corporate restaurants. There is a mall (with hardly anything in it). There are big box stores, like Wal-mart and K-mart and all the marts you can handle. There may be little bars somewhere, but I have never seen them. It is really depressing.

So, last night, my roomate had a visitor from New York City and she asked me to "go out" with them. I struggled momentarily (it is very hard to get me out of my depressed station on the couch drooling at the television once I have sunk into it) but eventually decided to go.

We went to this kind of cool looking place that is a Mexican restaurant in a power station. It is right next to an okay little park. Much potential. We decided to sit outside because it was a nice day. The outside tables over look a little river. Sounds lovely, no?

No. There were weird nasty bugs flying everywhere. The quaint little river smelled strongly like garbage. And to top off the ambiance, the tables overlook a freeway, also. And I think this restaurant may be one of the "coolest" places in town.

Ugh. So when I woke up this morning, my mind turned to where to go next. I hate this feeling on a Saturday where I almost dread the weekend. I have hours of this weekend to go and there is nothing to do.

I think I may apply to work at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival in August. I don't know what I will do before that when school ends. It is nice to know I will still be getting a paycheck through the summer.

Enough with my rants. ¶ 6:21 AM

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