Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, June 10, 2004
Sometimes it takes awhile for people to figure out how to incorporate technology into situations without offense. Being that I am now spending about an hour a day in the public library using the computer, I am noticing a weird trend.

I feel like social mores have changed and I wasn't consulted. Apparently, there are many who believe that library behavior has shifted. In the bookshelved part of the library, people still seem to understand that quiet is required. However, in the computer portion of the library, it seems that many feel complete license to take cell phone calls, chat loudly with friends, and in the case of the woman sitting behind me right now, sing.

I find this upsetting. I don't like listening to other peoples cell phone conversations-- though lately I feel I am subjected to this in more and more store, waiting in any line you can think of, walking down the street. I liked that the library was few places are. No more.

As for the singing...well, some people are just crazy. ¶ 11:27 AM

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