Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, June 17, 2004
I sort of promised myself that I would stop posting about nightmares because it is disturbing to all involved...but I just kind of need to purge.

Last night I dreamed about the following things (yes, all of them):

1. I was at the site to take the very important teaching test that I need to take to teach in California when I realized that I hadn't registered for it at all. All of the Teach for America people were looking at me like I was a moron and kept saying over and over, "What is the matter with you?" I cried.

2. I was in a parking lot and a black ferrari pulled out of the space next to me too close, scraping the side of my car really bad. I had a momentary panic attack, wondering if it was somehow my fault even though I wasn't even moving. I got out of the car to exchange information and the person flipped me off and drove away. I cried.

3. I was living in some weird apartment building and there were all kinds of people I knew outside in the grass playing games and stuff. I had some sense that I wasn't allowed to let them inside my apartment...I felt somehow like no one at the complex was allowed to let them in and to do so would be a breach of something. Then it started to rain really hard and hail and the people were pounding on my door. I wasn't sure what to do, so I hesitated, but in the end, I let them in. Even though I did finally let them in, they were all really angry at me for taking so long and were ordering me about my apartment, telling me to make them sandwiches and stuff. I cried.

4. I was attacked by a dog. I was bleeding everywhere. I'm not sure if I cried or not.

The funny thing is, I'm not really a crier. Maybe I'm getting it out in dreams or something. The other funny thing is that I had fun and was relaxed last night and didn't even have a hard time falling asleep (which has been a problem lately). I don't know why this barage of bad dreams.

In much more exciting news, I am going to Hogdays! Yes, an actual event here in North Carolina, celebrating hogs. You can read all about it at! ¶ 8:24 AM

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