Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday, June 18, 2004
I will start today's post with a story.

When I was six, my Dad officially adopted my two older brothers (who he had raised, but my mom's first husband's name was still on the birth certificates). To celebrate this, we all went to Disneyland.

This was my first (and last) time going to Disneyland and I was, of course, excited. I was so excited that I can remember how hot it was outside and can see the dust swirling in the parking lot. I was so excited that I made us all leave our hotel room way too early and we had to wait a long time in front of the big iron gates for the park to open.

As we waited, I thought of all of the wonderful things that would happen inside. For at least an hour, I stared at the gates, whispering to myself, "Open, now! Open, now!" I was in a tizzy.

Finally the gates opened! My excitement swelled up and as I started to run to the gates to go in-- I vomited. Too excited.

The day was still good. The reason I mention this is because I am going to Hogdays tomorrow and I feel almost this excited. I don't know why things like this get me so geared up. When we all went to the North Carolina State Fair, I felt much the same way. Something about hot, outdoor events...something about dust...something about strange things I have never seen before.

Hopefully I won't vomit at the Hogday. ¶ 9:04 AM

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