Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, May 20, 2004
While taking a walk with Owen and Charles tonight, I saw the first fireflies of the season.

Even I, with my semi-severe insectphobia, am delighted with fireflies...probably because you don't ever see their ugly squishy buggy bodies, only their cute little light up action. They were very pretty.

They were also very pretty when I saw them as I was driving on the freeway...for a short moment.

After that short moment, my windshield was almost impossible to see out of because of all of the dead firefly guts smeared across it. I must have killed two hundred in the first five minutes. It was like a plague. Worse, they would sort of flicker right before they hit.

Why must the world be this way? Can't I just indulge in beauty for a moment? Why must the universe so insistently remind me of how gross things are.

Another example of this is the television show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" where they go to a poor person's house and fix it up beautifully for them. I cry at every episode. It seemed nice enough, right? It doesn't have the moral delimmas so inherent in the body version of Extreme Makeover.

But then I read an article about how the show leaves these poor folks with tens of thousands of dollars in tax liability and how they may have to file bankrupcy and how most of the stuff in the house never really works at all.

Please indulge my comparsion of reality tv and dead fireflies. ¶ 7:01 PM
Yesterday, two of my students told me that I was looking "sexy".

I guess there goes another outfit from my "teacher clothes" wardrobe. I really didn't think the outfit was too sexy at all. Just a skirt and a tee-shirt, but I guess at this late date in the year they just couldn't handle it. I dealt with it using my standard, "That is completely inappropriate. Never say anything like that to a teacher again."

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a bunch of thirteen year old boys lusting after you while you try to teach them about punctuation. They kept needing "help" at their desks and I felt really weird about being close to them.

Very uncomfortable. ¶ 3:53 AM

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