Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Atlanta was awesome. I don't feel like I really saw a lot of it, but that is partly because we were only there for about one full day and two half days... and on the last half day, M and I were so hung over that we were seriously a danger to ourselves and others.

We stayed in a hotel called The Georgian Terrace, which is this really old hotel (the Academy Awards reception for "Gone with the Wind" was held there!) and really beautiful. It felt very fancy to be there. The bartender in the hotel bar was in love with us and gave us free magnets and drinks and pens. I think he was a little confused about how to show his affection. We loved him back-- when he was giving us drinks. But when he talked, he was pretty boring, so we loved him less.

We ended up spending most of our nights at a bar called "My Sister's Place". It was a pretty fun place where we were offered drugs within the first twenty minutes (I politely declined), we saw a pretty cool band, and I was hit on by the lead singer of that band...who ended up being a very hot drag queen. This last bit of information I wasn't sure of until I went to her website upon returning to North Carolina. All I knew was that I gave her my number after leaving the bar that first night and she never called. Sigh...

Being with M makes me even more want to get back to the Bay. I am happy that I have two more months here, but I am also very happy that things are wrapping up. School ends next Wednesday (a week from today!) and I really should be packing. ¶ 3:48 AM

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