Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Earlier today I was scaring one of my students by telling her that there was a spider near her foot. She is terrified of spiders. I thought it was pretty funny, making her jump around and scream on the porch outside my room (I am in an outdoor trailer).

Then a lady-bug flew in my eye and wouldn't come out. I screamed and thrashed about, very close to vomiting, until I finally abandoned my station watching the kids come in and ran into the staff bathroom looking very much possessed by the devil. I ended up crushing the disgusting insect (did I ever mention my severe bug phobia?) on my cheek and then dry-heaving as I scrubbed said cheek until it burned with grainy school soap. I can still feel its feet on my eyelashes.

Ah, karma is a bitch... ¶ 1:11 PM

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