Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 13, 2004
I found one of the best reasons to back out of a date ever!

Tornado warning!

As I was driving, the radio started to warn me of the apocalypse-like conditions I should expect today in Eastern Carolina and, Californian that I am, I turned right around.

I don't want a tornado. No I don't. ¶ 9:33 AM
I have a blind date this afternoon in Raleigh. I have been sitting here this morning, feeling nauseated, trying to think of reasons to back out of it. I hate dating in so many ways. The fear of feeling awkward. I don't fear rejection so much. I fear lapses in conversation and laughing at the wrong moments...and not laughing at the right moments. Ugh.

But I have figured out a way to make this all better! I am going to pretend that I am secret shopping him! I am going to pretend that I have a survey in my car and that nothing that is going on has anything really to do with me at all. If he is boring or lame I will just pretend that I am going to be reporting him to his superiors in order to help him improve his service! Wish me luck. ¶ 7:38 AM

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