Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday, April 23, 2004
I am so excited about my new secret shopper job!

First of all, it is a food place, so I get to eat for free. Awesome. But even more exciting is that after I do my shop, if the shop was successful at meeting their standards, I get to go inside and ask for the manager. Then I present the manager with tee-shirts for all of his employees and give a certificate of achievement to the person who helped me in the drive thru! How cool is that?

It is cool, of course, because it is so ridiculous. I am going to present a certificate to my drive thru person. This time I hope that they do a good job. Because if they don't meet their standards I have to go in and present the manager with an "oops" card and that won't be nearly as much fun as tee-shirts. I'll have to feel bad about that. Unless the drive thru person is mean...then I will just feel vidicated...

Today, the team thing was awesome. I always give game day on Fridays, where the kids get to go outside. But today we almost forgot. And then, when they remembered, they asked to stay in and finish our chapter because they were having fun.

But I cussed in front of an entire class today. They asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday (8 days!) and I said I wanted to go to the beach...except I was just playing and said it slang-like and it came out "bee-yach". The class exploded, of course. So then, all day when they would see me they would say, "Where are you going for your birthday again? Bee-yach!" Boof. Bound to happen, sometimes.

Tomorrow I am going to D.C. to the "March for Women's Lives". I haven't done anything even vaguely political in so long, I wonder if I'll even remember how. I have strayed far from last year at this time when I was trying to have my arrest for political activity overturned....sounds so much more intense than it was. But I did spend a day in jail. I would rather not do that on Sunday. I figure that one day was enough. ¶ 12:38 PM
I've started a new concept in my room. All of my students are now in teams. It is really fun. Yesterday was team spirit day, where they made flags, logos, mottos, and cheers for their team. Then we had a big ol' competition. The competition was technically was just going over a reading comprehension packet they had done the day before. But because it was a competition (and because I was letting them write their answers on peices of transparancy with a marker and they love that) they all that it was fun! I love when I do stuff they don't hate.

Today is Friday. Weekends are a very good thing. Last week, before spring break, one of my classes pretended to be having a gang war when I let them go outside for free time they had earned. I looked over on the field and they were pretending to jump one of my students and they all thought it was really funny. That is, until I told them that they had just lost game day on Fridays for the rest of the year. I am not normally so harsh, but they know how much I hate it when they act violent, so it was deserved in this case. As soon as they came into the class they knew I was going to do something to them. The down-side, for me though, is that now I have to keep them in class for the last half hour of class. I really liked letting them go outside. I'll have to think of something to do with them, now. Ugh ¶ 3:31 AM

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