Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 21, 2004
I have asked many straight women how long you are supposed to wait for a boy to call-- being somewhat uncertain of these things, myself. They all said three days. Without fail. I don't know where they all learned this, but it seems to be quite universal because I asked women from all kinds of places.

Three days from my date was yesterday. And no word. So I think that I get to be very dramatic and swear off men forever. Many of the straight women I know have done that, but I think that I am much luckier because swearing off men doesn't mean that I don't get to date. It is a pretty easy thing for me to do. So, consider it done. Marguerite, I know you are pleased.

In teaching news, I am very upset with my team teacher. I had a situation where a few of my students didn't come to class on time yesterday. I asked her if they had permission to be out of class and she said they didn't. I doubled checked with her and she said she was certain. So I wrote my students a pink slip for ditching class. When the students and administration challenged her, however, she said that she wasn't sure if she had given permission or not. Ugh. So she basically made me look really stupid and the students felt like they got one over on me. Never a good situation. I lost almost a whole class period from the kids fussing and stuff. So annoying. ¶ 5:49 PM
My giant loan has finally gone into deferment. Shwoo. ¶ 12:36 PM

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