Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, April 15, 2004
Oh, spring break is doing nothing productive for my brain.

I am watching Maury...backsliding into my old talk show habits. Talk shows are what I was obsessed with before reality tv.

But the real news is- what in the world has happened to television? It is like you can say anything on tv now. Here is a sampling of the things I heard today on television at 3pm:

"Maury, he smelled like FISH! Fish, ya'll. He wasn't at no Long John Silvers!"

"She is a bitch of all bitches! Bitch, bitch, BITCH!"

"I'm tired of sniffing at his boxers."


How can they say stuff like that? Gross, first of all. But secondly, it is obscene, isn't it? Ewww. ¶ 12:06 PM

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