Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 20, 2004
Well, cheerleading wasn't as bad as I thought.

It was pretty fun, actually, to just be silly and cheer for everyone. And, for the record, the teachers totally won the game! I was reminded how much I really love to watch my kids do stuff out of school. It is really wonderful to see my students a little more relaxed and having fun with each other. It is also very cool to see them doing things that they are proud of and good at.

My step-team girls were amazing. Step is such a southern thing, I think. I had never heard of it before here. But it is really powerful and dynamic. My girls have so much spirit and rhythm...I like it so much more than cheerleading. And I have to admit to being kind of proud that my two steppers were the most popular and got the most hooting from the crowd. It clearly has nothing to do with me, but still.

I am also happy that me and a student were selected to go to the PGA tournament in Charlotte in a couple of weeks. My student is a huge sports fan and has really improved from the beginning of the year. He was very proud that I chose him, out of all of my students, to take to Charlotte. It should be lots of fun.

In other news: I hurt myself playing frisbee on Sunday. When did I get so old and frail that I couldn't play frisbee for twenty minutes? ¶ 2:54 PM

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