Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, July 14, 2003
Ahhhhh. I am writing this peeking out of a millimeter of a crack that my eyes can see through. Yes, they are swollen shut, as promised. What is halarious about this place is that some folks are pretty jealous of my swollen face because it means that I missed school today. And I have to admit that I am pretty happy...except for that my whole face is on fire and I look exactly like a pig. It is quite painful and to make it even more attractive, my eyes are oozing.

Oh, and did I mention that bugs in Houston? Not just the giant cockroaches, but the spiders? Yeah, well something bit my left underarm (not exaggerating) about thirty times. They are not just like mosquito bites, but more like welts. And they have started to break open and bleed. I have had them for about a week. They itch like crazy and they hurt.

So Nicole, I am also struggling with body issues here at institute. Mine are a little more public. I am going to go try to find a hat to wear so that I can venture into the world to eat and smoke a cigarette.

God, please make Houston go away. Please, please, please. ¶ 8:23 AM

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